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All Kinds Of lables
How many times do you let yourself run out of labels?It happens a lot because we get calls from folks needing the labels yesterday!Brown Tape Products Company specializes in custom labels of all sorts and kinds.We are distributors for many label companies and can meet your label stock needs!From sto ...
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geico camel

Guess what day it is!!

You know the answer:Hump DAAAYYYY!Woot! Woot!Brown Tape Products can help you on Hump Day, and every day, with all your packaging needs.(We can even offer you carton sealing tape in Camel Tan!)(Just in case you need a chuckle, here's the link to the video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWBhP0EQ1lA) ...
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As a Life-long resident of Indianapolis I can tell you from experience that we are really having one heck of a snowy and very cold winter.According to an article in USA Today, the keepers of weather knowledge have found that Indianapolis is having the snowiest January since the civil war.The Civil W ...
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Arts and Entertainment Tape Choices

You are an events manager for a major venue.You work hard and you expect a lot from your suppliers and the products they provide.For 30 years , Brown Tape Products Company has been a reliable source of qualityproducts to the Arts and Entertainment business.Our customers range from sports arenas to t ...
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Stressed at work???

Your boss wants that report NOW!Your new boots have that ugly white residue from the salty snow slush!Your lunch caught on fire in the microwave!!But all your tape and packaging needs are totally being met by the warm, caring people at Brown Tape Products.From floor marking tape, to colored duct tap ...
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These Dogs love to work with us! ...
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It never seems to fail, whether I want it to or not, WINTER shows up and along with it all of the challenges associated with lower temperatures.Car batteries and starters fail more frequently, and tires pop as snow covered curbs are encountered accidentally.Another casualty of winter is the easy sea ...
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Tape Solutions and the Beach?

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Packaging_Bundling_2 NewCore
Industrial Grade Duct TapesThis series of tapes is purpose-built for the most demanding applications in the automotive, motorsports, aircraft, HVAC, and nuclear industries. With high tack and superior holding power, our tapes can withstand flames and endure speeds of 200 mph. ...
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After 30 years of being in the tape business I have learned that just about everyone at some time in their life has has sticky fingers from trying to work with adhesive tape.    Tape by it's design is supposed to be sticky, and in most applications, the more adhesive that is present on the back of ...
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