• Low Density Polyethylene Film Tapes - Rubber Adhesive

    SKU: LDPE-5R

    5.5mil (0.14mm) Low Density Polyethylene Film Tapes. Good abrasions, chemical, tear and UV resistance. Excellent moisture barrier. Used for color coding, decorative markings, stripping, sealing, splicing & seaming. 3 plastic core. LDPE,5R Ideal for polyethylene splicing; general purpose sealing, spiral wrapping. Suitable for use in nuclear and other sensitive environments. Highly conformable and adheres to most surfaces. Works well in most applications where a low to moderate adhesion tape is required. Physical properties... LDPE,5R Adhesive S.B. Synthetic Rubber Tensile Strength 10 lb/in Elongation 350% Adhesion to Steel 28 oz/in Application Temperature 50F to 120F Operating Temperature ,40F to 190F 8 COLORS AVAILABLE : Clear,black,white,blue,green,red,yellow & * orange.

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