• With acrylic adhesive - with liner.

    SKU: LF-5A

    100% pure lead foil which is highly malleable and can be shaped to the most intricate patterns. Coated with a specially designed aggressive removable acrylic adhesive system which is weather, solvent and heat resistant. 3 plastic core. Typlical Applications LF,5A, Used for decorative leaded windows, radiation/x,ray shielding; as a vapor barrier and mask for electroplating. Physical Properties LF,5A Backing 5 mil lead foil 5 mil lead foil Adhesive acrylic rubber Tape Thickness (w/o liner) 6.5 mil 6.0 mil Peel Adhesion 26 oz/in 60 oz/in Tensile strength 23 lbs/in 18 lbs/in Temperature resistance ,30F to 275F 40F to 180F Elongation (at break) 30% 15%

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