• Self-Wound (without liner)

    SKU: TFES-2HD*

    Pure skived PTFE with a high temp .silicone adhesive. Used in electrical applications such as harness/coil wraps & separators, transformers and slot liners where good insulation and heat resistance are required. Also used in mechanical applications such as heat sealing bars & jaws, labeling machine pressure pads, chute liners, anti,friction devices, bearings, forming dies, aircraft mold release & guide rails where high temperature, maximum slip and lubricity are required. High elongation permits tight wrapping; conforms to sharp bends/irregular surfaces. *TFES,2HD is a high density, TENSILIZED skived PTFE film which provides higher tensile strength, lower elongation and higher dielectric strength than regular skived film (primarily used for electrical applications listed above & for roll protection in flat die extrusion) and meets spec AA,59474 Type,1, Superseding 23594C Type 1. 3 plastic core. PSYSICAL PROPERTIES TFES,2HD TFES,5 TFES,10 Backing 2 mil/0.002 5mil/0.005 10mil/0.010 Total thickness 3.5 mil/0.0035 7.2 mil/0.0072 11.5 mil/0.0115 Break strength (lb/in) 30 15 60 Adhesion (oz/in) 25 30 55 Elongation (%) 100 200 300 Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 500 500 500 Dielectric strength (total volts) 8,000 12,000 20,000 Alternative to: 3M #5480 #5481 Permacel #P422 #P421 #P424 DeWal #204,2HD #204,5 #204,10 St. Gobain #2255,2 #2255,5 #2045,10 Taconic #6445,02 #6115,05 #6115,10 Chemfab #380,02 Lanmar #585,2 #585,5 Bondtec #932F

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