• Metalized Polyester Film with brilliant

    SKU: MMYP-1

    1.0 mil Metalized Polyester Film with brilliant, vibrant mirror,like finish; coated with an aggressive long lasting acrylic adhesive system. Tapes have excellent chemical and thermal stability. Silver can be qualified to meet Federal Specification #L,T,100B, Type II. 3 plastic core. Applications Reflective shielding; industrial & graphic arts; decorative trim, automotive trim, nameplates, electric appliances, advertising displays; suitable for micro film splicing; also can be used in photo sensing applications to detect splices and to facilitate roll changeovers, recommend test sampling first. Physycal Properties Adhesive Acrylic Total Thickness 2.1mil Adhesion (to steel) 45 oz/in Tensile strength 24 lbs/in Elongation (at break) 100% Temperature up to 300F

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