• PVC (White)

    SKU: DC-4420

    9.0 mil exclusive of liner. 1.5 mil White PVC film coated on both sides with a solvent based acrylic adhesive. Gold siliconized paper liner. The adhesive system of this double coated tape is aggressive, and will bond well to nearly all materials; even to difficult surfaces like foams, PE and PP films. It has excellent temperature, UV, aging, and water vapor resistance. Applications Used for bonding rubber, plastic, metal and wood substrates; for permanent mounting of nameplates and decorative trim on appliances and furniture. Physycal Properties Adhesion to SST 110 oz/in. Elongation 35% Minimum Application Temp: +15C (59F) Temperature resistance ,40F to +158F continuous 54 (1372mm) x 600M (656yd) Jumbos Available. Add ,PC for plastic cores + per case or log.

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