• The Better Pack 555e

    SKU: BP555e

    Redesigned from the inside out The Better Pack 555e series has been totally redesigned from the inside out, while maintaining the integrity and reliability that made the original BP 555s an industry standard. The new micro-processor based control system improves overall reliability and allows the Better Pack 555eSA to be interfaced with the following devices: PCs, printers, weighing scales, shipping systems and measuring devices. Tested by shipping Professionals for Professionals The Better Pack 555e was extensively tested and put through more than 1.5 million cycles without any defects. It is the only electronic tape dispenser to pass current UL Requirements. We are so confident of its performance that weve backed it with the best warranty in our industry! Better Packages meets the challenge… again Intelligently designed! Ruggedly constructed! User Friendly! The Better Pack 555e is so unique that weve patented both its form and function Its not just a new tape dispenser… the BP555e is the sealing system shipping professionals will be using well into the 21st Century. Performance Features _ Color-coded user-friendly keypad. _ For ease of operation, improved "soft-touch" tactile feel and durable performance. _ Stainless steel tape path and steel side frames for added strength and longevity. _ Superior brush wetting system ensures proper activation and wetting of tape adhesive. _ Fully electronic control system improves reliability and serviceability. _ Programmable keys (BP555eSA) – Set tape lengths up to 120" depending on model increments. Tape length is adjustable (up or down) in 1/2" increments. _ Random length key to allow tape to be dispensed at any length. _ Largest tape capacity in the industry – for fewer changeovers (1,000 Foot tape Roll.) _ Extra heavy duty, self-oiling blade for superior, consistent cutting. _ Steel frame construction covered with ABS plastic for strength, durability and impact resistance. _ 20% increase in motor power for longer life, cooler running and smoother operation. _ Extra long (detachable) electrical cord for improved operator ease, comfort and safety. _ Built with pride in Shelton, CT USA Safety Features _ Engineered and built to meet or exceed FCC, UL, CE, CSA, CUL, and regulatory requirements. _ Ergonomic design allows for operation from either side of the machine. _ Designed for easy mounting on work surfaces. _ Larger water bottle capacity, for fewer refills and less down time. _ Cap for easy refills. _ Improved, adjustable top heater ensures superior tape adhesion and performance. Plus, its thermostatically controlled and low voltage – for safe long life operation and permits for the use of an extensive variety of tapes. Specifications The Better Pack 555e is available in seven models that are designed to fit your exact packing application. The seven models have the same physical characteristics, with the exception of the keypads and related functions. Accessories Add these optional accessories for maximum efficiency: AMD 1 – (Automatic Measuring Device) interfaces with the BP555eSA, BP555eMA and BP55eLA models. This accessory automatically measures a carton and dispenses the correct amount of tape everytime. It greatly increases productivity and savings while decreasing tape waste and helps ensure your packages have the professional image you desire. Tape Aerial – Creases and "rigidizes" moistened tape as it is dispensed for instant, trouble-free application. Center tape scoring permits accurate package alignment assuring equal tape coverage on package flaps for optimum sealing strength. CodeTaper – Imprints the tape with your custom message as the tape is being dispensed. Improves productivity and reduces costs by eliminating manual marking, stenciling and stamping of packages. Identifies merchandise. Helps to discourage pilferage in transit. Select from these models in the BP 555e series to suit your specific applications: BP555e Electronic Tape Dispenser Size: 20" x 12.5"W x 12" H (51 x 32 x 30 cm) Dispensing Speed: Up to 45" per second (114 cm) Water Bottle Capacity: 2 pints 2 oz. (1.0 liter) Shipping Weight: 32 lbs. (15 kg) Power Requirements: 115 volts, 60 Hz, 5 amps; UL listed, CSA (CUL) Tape Width: 1 *" to 3"W (3.8 to 7.7cm) Maximum Roll Size: Up to 1000 ft. of tape; up to 10" diameter roll (25cm) Maximum Roll Size: Up to 1000 ft. of tape; up to 10" diameter roll (25cm) Tape Lengths Dispensed (Front Keys): 555eS 6" – 45" (15 – 114 cm) 555eSA 6" – 45" (15 – 114 cm) 555eL 12" – 90" (30 – 228 cm) 555eLA 12" – 90" (30 – 228 cm) 555eM 10 – 140 cm (metric) 555eMA 10 – 140 cm (metric)

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