Experience Makes the Difference Speeding Your Solution

The “proof is in the Pudding” is an old saying that probably has little relevance here, but the fact that it is old makes you at least think that maybe the author has lived a while, and that could mean he might have some ideas for solving the problem you are facing that might just be right for your application. The reader would be correct in making the assumption that the author has been selling tape and other specialties for quite a while. It is true. The company was founded some 30 years ago with the idea that with God, any thing is possible! Included in that optimism was the idea that our company would dedicate itself to serving the client as though they were provided as a gift from our maker. We felt that serving the customer was the most important thing we could do. You will notice the difference in our company from your first phone call. WE DO NOT HAVE VOICE MAIL AND NEVER WILL. We want our very busy customers to be able to access a real live person immediately so that they can get their questions answered as fast as possible. We understand that purchasing agents are usually the last to know that there is a need for supplies, and so we designed our customer service and sales department around that concept. Get people answers as fast as possible so that they get on with their work. This attitude fosters a working relationship built on great service and trust in our ability as a supplier to take care of your needs as a customer. Call us today and start realizing just how easy it is to work with us, and how much faster you can find the solutions to your supply problems.