The saying goes "There is NO business like SHOW business"

The saying goes "There is NO business like SHOW business", and in fact who could forget the legendary Ethel Merman belting that song out accapella in myriad movies including "Airplane!"

The movie was a tremendous hit and the Artist and the song worked well to bring laughter!

Show Biz includes even more than the movies. From the stage to the TV, from the sports area to the broadcast booth, one thing they all have in common is a need for adhesive tape.

Gaffers tape is typically used to hold down wires during production. We can't have the stars tripping over wires now can we?

Brown Tape Products offers a wide variety of Arts and Entertainment Tapes, including Gaffers, Spike, Glo, Electrical, Board Tape ( Artist Tape ) and Duct Tapes in 16 colors and Fluorescents.

We are stocking distributors of the entire Pro Gaffer Tape Product line.

Pro Gaff is a matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive system.
Temporary holding of light fixtures, wire and cable hold down, marking and labeling equipment cases. High visibility colors for marking of stairs, exits or sets. Dance floor splicing and bundling of cables. 18 Available colors make it easy to match Pro Gaff to any carpet color.
Colors Black, White, Blue, Electric Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, Tan, Teal, Olive Drab, Brown, Burgundy, Grey,FL Green, FL Orange, FL Yellow, FL Pink, FL Blue

We ship SAME DAY from our warehouses. If you are on the road, our delivery professionals will find you!

Our Artist Tape ( Board Tape ) comes in colors and widths from 1/8" to 12".

Artist Tape- Premium Flatback Paper Tape
Used for color coding, labeling. Printable with: flexo inks, markers, pens and pencils.
Colors White, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, FL Orange, FL Green, FL Pink, FL Yellow

What eve you need to make your show a success, we are here and ready to help! Give us a call at 1-866 BROWNTAPE ( 276-9682 ) and let us treat you to our personal service that is like no other! We care that you are completely satisfied with our products and services. Break A Leg! Let the show go on!!! ( With Gaffers , Spike, Artists Tape and others from Brown Tape Products!