• Engineering Grade

    SKU: REF-7

    5.5 mil (0.14mm). Enclosed Lens Retroreflective Urethane Film coated with a permanent Acrylic Adhesive. 94# release liner. Meets or exceeds requirements of Federal Specification LS,300C (Reflectivity 1, Class 1), FP,85 (Type II), and ASTM D4956,94 (Type 1). Primarily designed for permanent & temporary traffic signage. Application surface should be flat (not recommended for unpainted stainless steel surface). Product may be screen printed, guillotine cut, die,cut, or thermal kiss,cut (300F to 325F for 1,2 seconds). 3 neutral paper core. SOLID COLORS: Silver (white),yellow,red,orange,green & blue. Physical properties... Adhesion 90 Peel 180 Peel Substrate 15 mins. 24 hrs. 15 mins. 24 hrs. Anodized aluminum 34 oz/in. 50 oz/in. Tore Tore OEM Automotive Paint 50 oz/in. 62 oz/in. Tore Tore Application Temperature +40F (4C) Service Temperature Range ,40F to +180F (,40C to 82C) Dimensional Stability Less than 0.02 in. (0.8mm) shrinkage (1000 hours Atlas Twin Arch Weatherometer, EH). *MINIMUM 3 INCHES PER COLOR

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