• Wavw Solder / Hot Air Leveling Tape

    SKU: KPT-(Mil)

    1 and 2 mil Electrical Grade KaptonTM Alternative POLYIMIDE film coated with a high performance silicone adhesive. Thin and conformable, with outstanding tear and abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures. Adhesive will thermoset to increase adhesion values. Leaves minimal residue when removed after manufacturing process; reduces clean,up time and minimizes rejects. Permits observation of board during processing. Excellent resistance to acids, oils, solvents, aging, staining, water immersion. Protects gold contacts from molten solder during hot air wave solder leveling process. Film meets UL510. Formulated to meet Mil spec: MIL,P,46112B. 3 plastic core. Physical Properties KPT,1 KTP,2 Film thickness: 1 mil 2 mil Total thickness: 2.6 mil 3.6 mil Adhesion: 23 oz/in. 21 oz/in. Tensile Strength: 21 lbs/in 21 lbs/in Elongation: >40% >70%. Dielectric strength: 6500V 7000V Temp. resistance: 200C (392 F)/30 min Film color: Gold (transparent)

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