• 45 mil. 36 YD (33 M)

    SKU: DC-UHB45

    DC,UHB (mil thickness) This structural grade tape is comprised of an integral core of solid acrylic polymer, coated on both sides with a uniform high,tack acrylic adhesive. Provides a superior, permanent bond between a wide variety of substrates, including glass, some plastics, composites, sealed wood, metals and painted metals. Applications: rugged metal to metal bonds to replace welding, rivets, bolts, screw and cementing; signs, graphic arts assemblies; furniture/appliance mfg, RV skin to frame assembly. Withstands a wide range of weathering and temperature conditions without losing adhesion. Non,staining, will not harden/become brittle with age. Maintains adhesion at sub,zero temperatures. Solid acrylic core gives tape superior strength, can be easily applied and cleanly cut, yet is flexible, moldable, compressible & conformable to intricate shapes. Solid core is key for structural assembly, used primarily in transportation industry, automotive, truck, trailer & bus, OEM & aftermarket, as it isolates and dampens vibration and shock. DC,UHB45 approved for certain GM, Ford and Chrysler specifications. COLOR: TRANSLUCENT. Physical Properties Density 62.5 lbs. per cu. ft. Tensile Strength 200 psi Elongation 500% Peel Adhesion 240 oz/in. Cleavage Strength 30 psi Dynamic Shear Strength 90 psi

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