Indianapolis Is known for Auto Racing, NOT Record Snowfall!!

As a Life-long resident of Indianapolis I can tell you from experience that we are really having one heck of a snowy and very cold winter. According to an article in USA Today, the keepers of weather knowledge have found that Indianapolis is having the snowiest January since the civil war. The Civil War happened even before Betty White , or at least I THINK it did, and that would make this winter one for the record books. Selling tape from Indianapolis has been a great experience. They call this place “the Crossroads of America” for a reason. We are not a really huge state geographically by any means, but we do seem to be situated in a unique position in the somewhat middle of the country The State of Indiana is very hard to ignore, especially during the upcoming month May, when the eyes of the world will be focused on the Indy as it assumes it’s well earned title and role of ” Racing Capital of the World”. The Indy 500 will bring racing fans from all over the world to our fair little Midwestern town, and they will find here a warm and friendly “town folk” who genuinely are happy to see them. Brown Tape Products offers the racing industry every imaginable kind of specialty adhesive tape. From 200 MPH wing tip anti-abrasion tape, to colored duct tapes to specialty velcro hook and loop tapes, we have it all and are ready to fill the need.