Why are we in such a "sticky" business??

After 30 years of being in the tape business I have learned that just about everyone at some time in their life has has sticky fingers from trying to work with adhesive tape. Tape by itís design is supposed to be sticky, and in most applications, the more adhesive that is present on the back of the carrier, the better. Very aggressive adhesive makes for a permanent bond, and that is what is necessary for most applications. What about those times when a lighter adhesive is needed, or a re-positionable adhesive would be desirable? Those are questions are regularly asked and answered with a variety of solutions from our wide range of products. Whether you are trying to avoid staining an appliance, but want to keep the inside drawers from moving during transit, or if you are wanting a tape that can be applied and then re-posiquestion-marktioned, we have the answers for your project. Another frequently requested product is one that would have no residue when being removed. We have a full line of No residue or low residue products that will help you to meet your application goals. We enjoy the challenge of providing products that will meet special application requirements. We enjoy working with the customer and our product lines in order to provide the best solution for your project. How can we help you with your project today?